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Dassie Gelato began in a small hamlet not far from Treviso. Gelateria Canzian is well-known throughout the province. It is successfully run by Fabio Dassie. Antonella, who recently returned from Germany, is one of the staff. These two, work side by side. They share a long sense of sacrifice, and a desire for independence, they fell in love, got married and in 1986, Stefano Dassie is born.

The fashion for take-away gelato explodes in the 1990s. Fabio and Antonella open numerous kiosks, where they adopt the same recipes and working methods. Stefano grows up in the preparation areas of these gelaterias, always at his parents’ side. He absorbs their passion and values.

In 1996, Libya celebrates the anniversary of the Gaddafi regime, Fabio is invited to delight the palates of 54 heads of state. Still in his teens, Stefano leaves for the United States on a study programme. He returns determined to grow the family business and export it. In 2007, he launches the first Chocolate Day: a weekend dedicated to chocolate gelato and its variations in all Dassie shops. In 2008 the family takes over “Il Gelatiere”, the most renowned gelateria in Treviso! These are years of study, research, relationships and continuous challenges. Stefano wins the first place in the Italian Championship of Gelato Makers. A Success consolidated at the European Championship of Gelato, where he wins fourth place. The story continues, focused on encounters and affection. Stefano abandons the idea of moving to the United States and marries Erika, who also collaborates with him professionally.

The work started by Fabio and Antonella becomes a structured business, with an international feel. Stefano brings his gelato to Italian Week, an event celebrating Made in Italy inside the Isetan mega-store in Tokyo. His autobiography “Il Mio Gelato Nasce col Sorriso” [My Gelato starts with a smile] is published, in 2013.

The Dassie brand takes shape, accompanied by the slogan Vero Gelato Artigiano. The family opens a new point of sale in Montebelluna.

Stefano participates in the selections to captain the Italian team at the Gelato World Championship in 2014, and wins second place.

The Dassie Gelaterias receive the Gambero Rosso award for the Best Chocolate Gelato in Italy in 2018. It is an award that rewards the work of research and experimentation behind each recipe. In 2020 Gambero Rosso awards Dassie the Tre Coni [Three Cones], the highest recognition for excellent, and above all, healthy gelato.

Stefano’s desire for the future is to bring Vero Gelato Artigiano to the cities, always with an emphasis on staff training, as taught by Fabio and Antonella, while never compromising on quality. The point of sale Las Palmas, on the island of Gran Canaria, is the first step on a journey. New openings are planned in the Canary Islands and on the Iberian Peninsula.

The Ice and Food is ambitious and unconventional. Artisanal gelato is combined with food, to become a key ingredient in gourmet dishes.

Authenticity is the basic ingredient of our gelato, which is why it is unrivalled. We put the same honesty into our relationships with the people around us. When our actions are transparent, we can work with pride and without fear. Everything is more natural and truer, just like our gelato. In work as in life, every gesture says something about who we are.

This is why we don’t just select the best raw materials. Cleanliness, service, attitude: quality is in everything we do. We are committed to ensuring that people can grasp the value of Vero Gelato Artigiano even before they taste it. Simply by stepping over the threshold of a Dassie gelateria.

Belief in our ideas has brought us to where we are today. We are true to our principles, even when it would be easier to take the more obvious, well-beaten path.

Our passion emerges every time we tell our stories and when we explain a newly created product. You can’t fake it, and whoever is standing in front of us can see it at a glance. There is no compromise when it comes to order and cleanliness. They are the secret to getting a job done quickly, without distraction, and they are the foundation for high-standard results.

Our image is also a powerful business card. A well-groomed appearance conveys credibility and trust.

Kindness has the power to change the course of an entire day. Let’s show it with constantly, without sparing it.

People come into a Dassie Gelateria to feel good, to give someone a gift or because they identify with our values. The experience of a Vero Gelato Artigiano begins with the smile of the person behind the counter.

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