Too Good To Go

Too Good To Go’s primary goal is to fight the growing issue of food waste. To do so, it provides a solution for food service providers to sell their food surplus, which otherwise would have been wasted at the end of the business day. However, the app is just one way the company fights food waste, as it also directly encourages households, schools and policy-makers to change their behavior and aims to influence legislation that will reduce food waste further.

Too Good To Go is now the world’s largest Business To Consumer Platform aiming to fight food waste. This is via a mobile app where businesses can add the food surplus they have, and consumers can view the offer available. The application is mostly for restaurants, bakeries, supermarkets, hotels and canteens. For Too Good To Go, this is a “win-win-win solution” allowing businesses to make money out of food which would be otherwise wasted whilst reaching new customers, and consumers to access food at affordable prices to reduce food waste, all parties having a positive impact on the environment.

After downloading the app, users have access to a range of meals available nearby. They can either view what’s close by or search for specific meals with different options, such as collection time, location or type of food, for instance vegan or vegetarian. Once they select their option, users receive a receipt which needs to be presented to the shop in order to receive the food bag. Typically, consumers will have access to a 3 to 5 euro “magic bag” with an original value of 10 to 15 euro, being able to buy food that’s worth three times the amount they paid. The app is now available for more than 38,000 restaurants, supermarkets, hotels, bakeries and canteens using it every month in 17 European countries.

They are the B Corp certified Social Impact Company fighting food waste throughout the food system and pushing for change, because the food we waste accounts for 10% of all GHG emissions, yet is the #1 food waste action we can all take now.

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